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We are experienced and sophisticated legal lawyers who will never lose sight of our role as legal counselors for customers who have the privileges we represent. Meyer & When we established, we did so with a clear vision to put our customers at the center of everything we do. Your goals, challenges, and your revenue will help you configure Dell's approach and guide your work. We add valuable value.

Established in 2012


Business Act | Real Estate Plan | Asset Protection |Taxation | Presbyterian Act | Real Estate |Validate | Real Estate Litigation

*B.A. University of California, Slavonic and Literary
* M.B.A. University of Montana
* Doctor of Philosophy, University of Texas accounting tax
* University of the Pacific University J.D. In
* J.D., Maggio School of Law
* L.L.M. Maggio School of Pacific University

Kent M.
business owner





Michael is a great and reliable lawyer.  I have known him for many years.  He has a deep understanding of the tax and real estate laws.  
I recommend it to anyone in the Sacramento region.

12/25/2020 12:37pm



My mother-in-law and I thought the real estate plan would be confused and long. &Meyer; then you can easily and easily complete it.  
Use it to suit your legal needs.

12/29/2020 05:26am



I used Meyer and Ye's laws to create a living trust, so I couldn't get any more experience.  A recommended professional team is available on-time without any problems.  They also took care to report their trust to the county.

I am Meyer & amp; trust Yee provides necessary legal support.

01/02/2021 09:09pm



Kent and Michael are familiar, professional, and have the most important knowledge.  Respond quickly to email and take time to ensure that your needs are met.  I introduced my friends and family to Meyer & Amplifier. Yes, I know they're taking good hands.

01/02/2021 11:06pm



We were recommended to this lawyer office. I arrived at a parking lot with many shade trees in the modern professional architecture. We entered and were soon welcomed. We were early, so they made us sit in the living room. The entire office is modern and comfortable. a great leather couch and a great  Watch the wait on television. I had ice and cold water given to me. We met our lawyers and were impressed by their professionalism and knowledge. I am worried that I am very caring and that I am well prepared for the decision.

12/26/2020 07:05pm



&Meyer; Ye is an excellent law firm specializing in real estate planning, tax, real estate and business law. I was asking for help with the real estate plan, so Meyer & Amplifier; He was called. From a friend who recently had a positive experience in this company. After listening to her wonderful experience and reading positive critique about Yelp, I decided to contact them. And I was really happy! Why? Their service was really great! For the following reasons, it is very learned (one of the important characteristics in hiring lawyers), hard-working (making special efforts to meet special requirements), always responding, but most importantly, reliable. This last quality produces all the differences in the world. Meyer & When I discussed legal needs with Yee (Michael Yee, especially Michael Yee), I really felt like a trusted company that would care for me, and this is a characteristic that other customers can feel. I've worked with many lawyers in the past (in other circumstances), but many lawyers seem to hardly care about themselves, mainly for their own sake, for their customers. But this is not the case here. This is a high quality law firm with excellent lawyers and will not deceive you. I was very satisfied with the services offered to me and recommended their companies to those seeking real estate planning, tax, real estate and business legal services.

12/26/2020 02:12am



Meyer & amp; was used. After receiving the service, I immediately realized that honest business men are still there. Kent, Mike and others are always friendly, professional and knowledgeable. They finished their work and helped their family win the home loan service.

Recommend this office to all your friends and family! Meyer & amp; There is no better choice. I think so. So call them and look them up yourself.

12/28/2020 01:23am



Kent, Mike, their staff made the real estate planning process as easy as possible.  They spent time explaining more subtle concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.  We need to keep in mind our support for future legal issues.

01/01/2021 01:08am



Meyer & Operation of was really happy. The acquisition of the small and medium-sized enterprises called for support under severe legal conditions. One of the most wonderful things that their company did for us was heard! They listened to all our interests, organized our documents, and discussed with us honestly what could be a lawsuit and what could not be. I thank them for their knowledge and the years of community, and I look forward to their business development. I sincerely believe that they are among the best lawyers in this area.

12/28/2020 11:28pm



We have now completed our legacy plan (trust/will/advanced medical directive/guardian).  Meyers and Yee were quick and easy to build, and all of the people we worked on were professional and gentle.  They employ a very convenient staff.  We strongly recommend this company

12/29/2020 12:28pm