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My wife and I hired Craig last year, and later attended a former court hearing on a simple detention issue. Craig calls us many times to talk about this and asks our retainers to discuss strategies that they have never acted upon, spending their time in meetings and phone calls unknowingly. When a $4,000 retainer ran out of money, he asked him to look at our bank statements and the history of the bank to come up with a "child support strategy." It goes without saying that he is a lazy lawyer desperate for his client. His wife looked very nice at the first meeting, but she never saw her again. If this statement reads too much, write an overall message to this last statement. Don't hire this lawyer.

12/24/2020 06:07pm



Would you ask for a family law lawyer who would take money, invalidate, ignore the demands of accounting and action, inflate invoices, submit nothing, and ignore the demands of opinion? Then this is the lawyer. He was supposed to "represent" me by changing the parental agreement with his ex-husband. After 4,000 dollars and 10 months, nothing arrived. I'm not a drug criminal, nor a sleeping bag, but I've been a "parent" for 15 years, before my ex-husband became a father of fine weather

Craig appeared twice in court for the actions he had taken, but nothing happened. After all, it took me two months to hand over my files when I was fired.

The day I received my file was $1 hour 75 more than the original fee contract. And he said "give up" the rest and tried to make me feel better. When I asked him what had happened, he first closed the door of his conference room in the lobby, and then always closed it.  His reaction has changed many people into his office, and some of his cases, including me, have fallen from the cracks.
Including me. Without apology or accountability, I made it clear that it was SOL, and I thanked the 4k dollar attitude I didn't get.

01/02/2021 05:25am