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Doksa Church opened in October 2013 at Granite Bay High School. After a long telephone call and training process, including people living in Los Angeles, Mexico City, Chicago and Phoenix, Mr. Paster Scott Holinshade, from Granite Bay, God revealed that Roseville is the site of the church. Ever since, Scott pursued the call and trusted the Lord with a promise of 16:18. "I will build a church, The Gates of Hell cannot beat them." In the church days, God built a church, trained the leaders of each ministry, and served Doksa. The staff continues to grow up, and there are elders who follow God's call and lead the church to doctrine, discipline and direction. and he was more and more excited to save the lost, to mature the rescued, and to put the mature disciples on the glory of God.

Established in 2013


We exist to glorify God by creating disciples. Doksa is a church that leads God to glory through the fulfillment of the Grand Committee in the spirit of the Grand Precepts. In other words, we are dedicated to creating disciples who sincerely follow Jesus Christ. We are not a perfect church of the people. Rather, we believe that Jesus Christ is a group of people who believe and connect, and that God is powerful in changing people where he is cherished. Come see it yourself!

Emily Pagan is the Director of Communication at Doksa Church.

Emily P.